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Your Pacifica is a family minivan that was and still is worth the investment. To maintain it the best you can, you'll need the best parts and accessories you can get: genuine Chrysler. That's where we at Detroit Mopar come in. We stock everything you'll need for a project -- repair, customization, or otherwise.

Common Chrysler Pacifica Repairs

The engine ticking? Your rocker arm shaft might have a broken retaining pin. You'll probably have to replace the rocker arm shaft, the arm itself, and the pedestal. Those we've got -- they're Chrysler quality, as reliable as what came from the factory. That's not so for a lot of aftermarket parts and accessories.

Is your Check Engine light on, showing multiple cylinder misfire codes to boot? Your combustion chamber probably needs a cleaning, but you'll also need updated valve spring retainers to help keep carbon from building up in it. The replacements we sell, they're an exceptional value -- discounted from MSRP and backed by a warranty. You can buy with confidence.

Front power seat memory, the seat heaters, and any adjustable pedals not working right? Could be static discharge or loose wiring. Best to install revised seat modules to solve the problem. Don't worry; you can start browsing replacements that'll fit your Pacifica right away, no compatibility guesswork needed. Just select your model year and trim/engine in our catalog.

We carry all the basics for regular upkeep, too:

  • Brake pads to be changed every 40,000 to 50,000 miles
  • Brake rotors replaceable every 70,000 miles
  • Air filters for swap-out every 12,000 to 15,000 miles
  • And more
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