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The Journey mid-size SUV, Dodge offered between 2009 and 2020. That makes the model pretty easy to find parts and accessories for online. Just don't plan on buying them from either a Dodge dealer (one of the few that still sells Journey parts, anyway) or an aftermarket parts store. Shop with us here at Detroit Mopar.

Check out our online parts catalog. You'll see why lovers of the Journey working on repairing or upgrading their SUVs prefer our Mopar store over the rest. Not just those looking for parts and accessories around greater Detroit either. Those in eastern Michigan, too, not to mention across the US.

Who Makes Journey Parts and Accessories?

Mopar. The brand is the exclusive OEM parts and accessories manufacturer for Dodge SUVs generally, and that includes the Journey. Naturally, then, they're designed and built to Dodge specs.

Why Buy Online from Us?

We sell only genuine OEM Mopar parts and accessories, not aftermarket, so their quality's top-notch, and they're guaranteed to fit and work just like what the SUV got from the factory. Plus, what we sell is less expensive than elsewhere, often priced well below MSRP. Furthermore, we include warranty coverage -- peace of mind for buying, say, replacement parts for common Journey problems, like engine parts, brake rotors, and power steering pumps, for example. We even offer fast, affordable shipping to boot!

Why Not Buy from a Dodge Dealer?

Dodge dealers may carry OE parts and accessories, but they often mark them up to premiums -- retail prices, usually, and sometimes more, to make a profit. We don't. Here, you'll pay less than list price a lot of the time, and sometimes, you'll get a steep discount on top of that.

See the savings for yourself: select your Journey model year (e.g., 2015, a popular year) and its trim and engine (e.g., the SXT trim from 2015, with the 3.6-liter Flex Fuel V6 engine). You can start browsing right away.

Why Not Buy Off-Brand from an Aftermarket Store?

Off-brand stores may sell cheaper aftermarket parts and accessories, but sometimes, they're of questionable quality. There's no way for you to tell if one is good for you either, until you get it, unlike with OE. Many aftermarket stores don't even offer decent return policies, either, let alone warranties on their products.

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Order today; if you have any questions, we're here to help -- feel free to contact our parts team anytime.